Cultural – Educational


Throughout the year Native American Services presents workshops at area schools and conducts special educational programs.  We have seminars, workshops & speak at many events and colleges.  Each of our cultural and educational programs are developed to meet the specific interest of the school, business or organization requesting the service.  These presentations can include, but are not limited to:


  • Presentation in Native American regalia
  • Brief History of Native Americans
  • Learn Native American Word
  • Dance demonstration
  • Thanksgiving story
  • Native children jobs, games &  responsibilities
  • Native American use of land and animals
  • Show-n-tell with Native artifacts
  • Native musical instruments




 Diversity education is very important in our communities.  Learning the truth and dispelling myths are important in all cultures. Understanding who we are is important.

Funding has helped provide these very important services.


Please contact us for reservations and fees.  Thank you.